Flight Terms and Conditionss

  1. Passengers must call in upon arrival your hotel in Chiang Rai

(Customer Service: 089 6851188) between 8:00 am to 5:.00 pm. 

Or email at contact@balloonchiangrai.com

  1. Passengers are recommended to wear comfortable clothing and covered shoes.
  2. Extra Clothing is required for pool and farming activity.
  3. Passengers who have any known medical condition such as epilepsy, recent surgery or other condition which can affect your ability to fly or assist the crew must be disclosed at the time of booking, and to the pilot on the day of your flight.
  4. Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.
  5. Children at age of 12 years or under 137cm tall (4 feet 6 inches) need to be accompanied by a paying adult. When booking for such children, please make sure you also make a corresponding booking for an accompanying adult.
  6. Passengers who weigh above 125kg/280 pounds will be required to pay 100% surcharge of the ticket price. On the flight day, your weight will be taken, and if it is above 125kg/280 pounds, you will be required to pay the surcharge, or refused the flight (if the total weight for the balloon& passengers exceed the permissible weight for flight), & no refund or alternate flights will be offered.
  7. Balloon ChiangRai will not be liable for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition or failure to comply with any reasonable instructions given by the pilot, crew or company representatives.
  8. The pilot in command is legally responsible for the safety of all passengers at all times connected with the flight. He or she has the absolute right to refuse passengers for any reason if it is considered their carriage may endanger the flight or other passengers.
  9. Passengers must pay full attention to the safety briefing given by the pilot in command before the launch of the balloon, and questions should be put to pilot if the briefing is not understood or unclear.
  10. The pilot’s decision is final on all matters, and he or she has full authority over passengers and crew who are to fully comply with his or her instructions or orders.
  11. Balloon ChiangRai reserves the right to cancel or delay flights, and change rendezvous and launch sites at short notice, to achieve safe and successful flights. The company is not liable for any ensuing loss or inconvenience.
  12. Balloon ChiangRai has comprehensive international insurance cover for all passengers and third party’s liabilities.
  13. Balloon ChiangRai shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects taken on flights and will not accept any liabilities for such losses or damages.
  14. Flights cancelled by Balloon ChiangRai for safety reasons, unfavorable weather conditions, or operational difficulties will be refunded.  All direct payments to or via our website will be refunded within 1-3 days. For all other bookings made through tour agents, passengers must contact the respective agent to expedite their refunds.
  15. Balloon ChiangRai reserves the right to revise or modify any terms & conditions or rates due to changes in market conditions, at any point in time, without giving any prior notice. However, for confirmed reservation and bookings, they will be kept at the rates and terms prevailing at the time of booking.