Summer Promotion for Standard Package

Complimentary of 60 mins Thai body and foot massage at Ban Chomna Resort (Our Balloon Launch Field Resort) upon booking 2 balloon ride tickets on our standard package. Today until October 31st, 2019 

Standard Package, “Soft Adventure and Nature Touch Activity”

Transfer passengers from the hotel around 5.40 am by private vehicle.  Arrival in our cozy Authentic farm, Ban Chomna Resort.  Refreshing up the morning with our tropical Welcome Drink, such as mint, lemon grass or seasonal juice and snack at our rice field balcony.

Start Hot Air Ballooning Tour by let the passengers walking through the rice paddy, climbing into the basket one by one.  Briefing from the pilot is a must to listen.  Experience approximately 45 to 60 minutes balloon ride.  After landing in the safety spot, we will take you back to Ban Chomna Resort for Post Flight Champagne Celebration in the cogon grass hut stations right in the middle of the rice field.  Organic Lanna Style A la carte Breakfast is well prepared with stream sticky rice harvested from our rice field, together with local herb juice, fruits and vegetables fresh from our garden.   

Wearing farmer’s traditional clothing and conical hat with barefoot before getting into the muddy rice field is an optional fun thing to do.  Depending on the season of rice farming, if you like, experience yourself being a local farmer, finding yourself picking up a full bucket of apple snails and little field crabs in the rice paddy.   The ducks will be let out to find their food or you may feed them directly.   If the ducks lay eggs at the time, we will be allowed to give a hand to the farmer collect them out from the farm.  Get rid of the weed, unfriendly plants around the rice plants, is also a must to do for rice farming.  With a full basket of variety of plants and eatable flowers, we then turn them into local Thai salad, serving with natural drink as an extra complimentary.   Salad’s ingredients are fresh right from the garden.  Photo taken is allowed though out the whole activity.  Clean up yourself before we drop you off at Singha Park.


Price Includes

- Certificate

- Champange Celebration

- Farming Activity

- Insurance

- Transfer Services

- Breakfast

- Welcome Drink


“Soft Adventure and Nature Touch Activity”

Hot Air Balloon ride Tour & Rice Field Activity

9,800 Baht per person

05.40 am :  Transfer from the hotel to our balloon launch filed @ Ban Chomna Resort.

06.00 am :  Meet at the Rice field Balcony, Tropical Welcome Drink is served while balloon is inflating

06.30 am :  Flight duration is approximately 45 to 60 minutes Balloon ride

07.45 am :  Post flight Champagne Celebration at the cogon grass hut.

08.00 am :  Organic Lanna Style A la carte Breakfast is served.

08.30 am :  Rice Field Activity*

09.00 am :  Transfer to Singha Park**

*Extra clothing may be required

**Singha Park, an Agro-tourism destination with scenic park in a farm like setting with

tea plantations, orchards, trails, a tram and restaurant.

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