Welcome to Balloon ChiangRai

With the passionate to fly and the love in nature travel and leisure, Balloon ChiangRai, the 1st Hot Air Ballooning operator in Chiang Rai, offers tourists an opportunity to the new age of tourism.

      Highlight of our programs is an Eco-Nature Touch Tourism includes Soft Adventure, Nature Touch Activity, Relax and Renew Program and Culture Exploration.   Not only we provide the Hot Air Balloon Ride, but we also do encourage and support our friends around the world who visit Chiang Rai, Thailand to learn, to explore and to discover much more about Thai culture, Slow-Lifestyle and to experience themselves interacting with local people and their daily activities in the most authentic and sustainable living place on earth.

We offer variety of ballooning tour programs to fulfill in needs.  All programs are included the panoramic views sightseeing Hot Air Balloon ride. Theballooning experiences last approximately 45 to 60 minutes.  Depending on the wind direction; most of the day, we launch from Ban Chomna Resort, Chiang Rai.  You will find yourself in the most spectacular heartland and picturesque rice fields.

Our Hot Air Balloon will launch just after sunrise with the favorable wind and at the most comfort temperatures.  As we rise above the ground, the panoramic views of sunrise, birds, cloud and blue sky will be right in front of your eyes.  Let a touch of soft and gentle wind feels you. Close your eyes and discover yourself climbing through each sky level to the higher altitudes between 1,000 to 2,000 feet over rice paddy, tree top, and temples.  


The regular and the most preferable Hot Air Balloon flights is the join in basket with only 4 to 5 passengers.  We design to provide the basket that carry fewer passengers which shall give more open atmosphere feeling to each passenger so that all could equally enjoy the wonderful view on the ride.  

If you would like to have a private balloon program, the flight for 2 passengers is also available.  This exclusive flight option is very popular among the young couples who wish to propose for their marriage.  There will be an inflight special arrangement as per their secret request.  

Moreover, Incentive groups for cooperate or family events with multiple balloons can also be arranged upon certain requirements.  


Each flight is unique, our experience pilots must take into the consideration of safety ride, wind speed, direction and availability of the landing site.  This is the trip that take you further and deeper into the traditional way of life.  The whole experiences will be something you never ever forget.   It will totally be something you cannot find elsewhere and surely will make your vacation and journey extremely memorable forever.